Areteem Intelligence Franchise Opportunities Available Now!

Transforming Education for a Global Community

Since 2004 Areteem Institute has worked to transform education by providing gifted students with access to quality high-level math and science courses that cannot be found in typical schools. To answer the question, "Does Areteem offer onsite classes in my area?" Areteem Intelligence Planet was formed.

With your own Areteem Intelligence Planet location, you can offer students and parents in your area access to Areteem classes and programs to help them excel in school, in competitions, and get into great colleges!

College Admissions

Areteem alumni have attended and graduated from elite colleges such as MIT, Harvard, and Yale and gone on to have successful careers in STEM fields.

Competition Success

Train students to succeed on math contests such as AMC 8+10+12, MathCounts, and AIME/USA(J)MO.

Personal Touch, Worldwide Community

Join a community of successful students and educators from around the globe. All with the same goal of helping students achieve their goals.

Contact Us for Details!

Give us a call at 949-679-8989 or email us at and to request a preliminary information packet!